Who is Our Reality ?

Our Reality is one of Hip Hop’s flamboyantly creative MC’s. His powerful stage presence and distinctive husky voice coupled with his controversial lyrics produce an intense and thought provoking performance. Before he even opens his mouth it is obvious that Our Reality is a lyrical phenomenon that is not afraid to throw his weight around.
Our Reality was born in Kansas City Missouri; he has also lived on the West Coast in Compton, La Puente and San Jose before setting up shop in the East in Upstate New York. His sound is not bound by time, place, or space and his lyrical style overflows with eclectic depth. His over 20 years behind the mic and multifaceted experience in the music industry have positioned him to bring his Hip Hop Think Music to the world stage.
Now a member of DEADWATE, Our Reality has made a lasting impact on the Syracuse Hip Hop community as manager/member of MADPACK in the early 90′s and cofounder of Red Brick Records in the late 90′s, as well as lyricist, producer, promoter and in his earlier years as a dancer.
He first picked up a mic at the age of 14 and completed his first recording only 3 years later. He later recorded a group album at the age of 22. While continuing to develop his entrepreneurial talents he learned the management aspect, worked in street promotions for major labels and has also appeared in 2 independent movies. He has shared his wealth of knowledge with many artists over the years and now puts his experience to work on his own music he is known as a legendary Grind Time Judge.


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